Every day that I press my brush on canvas, I discover more about myself and find that my capacity for empathy greatly increases. Each piece has its own stories. You will see high contrast of light and shadow, intense acrylic colors, and free brush strokes heterogeneous in my portrait paintings. I draw my inspiration from strong characters in our world (mostly women) and the expressions that I depict in my art can be interpreted in many ways. Some issues which I would like to emphasize include femicides and the value of women in society. The rich colors saturated in every detail of my paintings will surely captivate the eye.
Thus far, fashion design has been the discipline supporting my art. In my latest artworks, I'm collaborating with the clothing brand “No Color” based in Paris, France. This project aims to bring awareness and be inspired by different cultures, nationalities, and races. Pushing the limits in the medium of canvas and paint allows my artwork to speak, not only for me, but also for people who are silenced.

"Behind the portraits, you may see various and unique stories. Some of them are painted for No Color which is meaningful brand. We love people unconditionally. No race, no religion, no nationality, no color!"
                                                                                                                                                           Cansu Gök